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Our trainings

Youth Forever offers trainings to young people,

via programmes such as CENO, and trainings for companies.


CENO programme

Our CENO programme teaches to convince, listen, negotiate and implement transition projects, through conferences and workshops with the most qualified experts from our network. CENO is a free 4-evenings programme to train and connect 30 young people eager to tackle the challenge of transitions to come.

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One evening = one soft skill

Sticker Convaincre
1. Convince

Express and embody your ideas with the strength they deserve.

Sticker Écouter
2. Listen

Understand others, step out of your own focus and enrich your vision. Listen to understand and to care.

Sticker Négocier
3. Negociate

Handle the art of influence, consensus and compromise.

Sticker Opérationnaliser
4. Operationalise

Reach a concrete agenda, coordinate a team and get complex projects off the ground.

Our last editions

Feedbacks from participants

"I'm very happy to have been part of the first CENO class

and I hope there will be many more. I've learned new

things, consolidated what I already know, questioned

things I thought I knew and met some interesting

people. I feel motivated!"


"The programme was brilliant, with each session complementing the other, with enriching testimonials and relevant practical exercises to help us assimilate lots of great ideas. Well done to you for finding the speakers, who came from a wide variety of backgrounds but were all interesting and available for discussion. The evenings were just right for me, not too long, but enough to take away as much information as possible! It's already over, I've almost got used to spending my Tuesday evenings here!"

"I'd be delighted to recommend the programme. I've been pleasantly surprised week after week by the quality and choice of speakers, both in terms of their experience and their personalities. To be honest, I came away with lots of advice on the theme of the sessions, but also with a greater willingness to take action myself, both professionally and personally." 

Our next CENO edition

CENO's 3rd edition just finished! Stay tuned for upcoming edition.

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Trainings in schools

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Our offer

From the outset, we have been keen to work with various training programmes to raise awareness of intergenerational leadership and management among all students (both initial and executive). For Human Resources courses, we have also delivered training on the expectations of the new generations and the managerial stance that needs to be defined in order to recruit and build loyalty.

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IFTO (Institut de Formation Technique de l'Ouest) is a production school offering top-level training in boilermaking. Based in Cholet, IFTO takes on young people aged between 15 and 18 when they start their training, without any qualifications.

Youth Forever runs a training course on public speaking for students at this school.


During this training, we were able to tackle different themes :

  • Getting to know yourself so you can present yourself better 

  • Communicating constructively and creating a climate of trust

  • Leading a team and building cohesion

  • Negotiating and convincing / Cooperating and taking decisions together

  • How to arouse the interest of your audience

Company trainings

Depending on your needs, we can come to you to train your teams! 

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