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Our workshops

The answers to the issues of recuitment, diversity, commitment and employee retention are to be found in the field. 

Workshops catered to your needs


Workshops sprout from the work of our research center, conceived with our experience in the field. Employee experience and career path, governance, recruitment and employer brand can be worked upon in intergenerational (or not!). 


Workshops take on average half a day.


Anywhere in Europe: we prefer to

come over to yours!


Between 10 and 30 people maximum, to guarantee qualitative exchanges.

Atelier Fresque Parcours Jeunes
Sticker Scotch
Atelier Fresque Parcours Jeunes
Sticker We Need You
Atelier Fresque Parcours Jeunes
Sticker Scotch
Parcours Jeunes Fresque Workshop
Sticker Dans Notre Viseur
Topics addressed
Sticker Dans Notre Viseur

Employee career journeys

This workshop uses the “Parcours Jeunes” wall chart as starting point. It aims at questioning employees' expectations and perceptions during different phases of their career : during job search, integration, learning process, skills development, mobility, etc. This workshop can be done intergenerationally or only with newcomers.

Power and intergenerational governing bodies 

Intergenerational skills and learning to work together

Designed in the wake of the Jeunes Cons <3 Vieux Fous study, this intergenerational workshop provides an opportunity for discussion between different generations to decipher (and demystify) each person's relationship with work and to collectively build tools for collaboration, project management and management. 

Employment contracts and job search

Sticker La Jeunesse

Here we draw on the study Young People and Power at Work. This workshop provides an opportunity to devise new governance bodies to involve the next generation in strategy, or to analyse and transform existing systems.  

Coming soon!

These workshop outlines are our starting points,

we always start with your specific issues and adapt!

What they say about our workshops...

"First, its existence. It's a first, which is very much appreciated and sends out a strong signal from the company. The organisation and friendliness of the organisers. The multi-site/network mix, always more than interesting to meet people 'outside' our daily lives. The willingness and the way in which the topic was brought up: a real freedom of speech without judgement Thank you!"
- A participant
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